As college students we did not have the time or the money to buy/make expensive costumes, but we still wanted to have the best costumes at our annual Halloween party. So we made zombie/vampire Halloween costumes that cost only $30 and took 20 minutes to make! When we walked into the party all eyes were on us and everyone was in awe. We had varying reactions from “you’re scary” to “you’re sexy” to “these costumes are amazing!”.

My favorite part about these costumes is that I had a “group costume” with my friends and still looked like an individual. All you have to do it buy a set of white t-shirts (at least one size bigger than you normally would buy) and cut up the shirt in whichever way you choose. We wanted our shirts to look like they had been torn and clawed at. The shirt can be as revealing as you would like it to be and underneath you can wear anything from a black undershirt to a sports bra. The next step is to buy a pair of simple black leggings (if you do not already have any).

Next we add the accessories! My favorite part about these costumes is that each one is an original, so do not be afraid to think outside the box. My favorite accessory was the disposable contacts we bought online for only $20. You can find them just about anywhere (we got ours from These contacts really complete the look and make you stand out from the crowd. Last but not least apply some dark makeup and some fake blood to your taste and tada…you have the best costume at the party!

We did these costumes last year (2011) and people, even people that were not at the party, are still talking about them!