This Ant at Picnic costume was a fun and very easy costume to make.  My daughter was a lady bug and I needed something to go with it so an ant at a picnic was perfect.  First, you purchase all of your materials – foam board, red and white table cloth, black pipe cleaners, black balloons, play food, black knit hat.  Then, you follow the instructions as provided, and, voila! – you have a costume that surprises people and makes them laugh!  My son received so many compliments on his costume.  Have fun!

Purchase Materials:

Purchase Foam Board, Black Balloons, Pipe Cleaners, Play Food, Table Cloth, Plate/Utensils, Black Knit Hat and Black Pom Poms. Foam board can be found at Dollar Tree as well as balloons.  Pipe cleaners are carried at Walmart and other craft stores. Party stores carry checkered table cloth fabric (red/white).

Create Head Opening:

Next, trace your child’s head and transfer to foam board.

Table Cloth:

Measure Red/White checkered table cloth to proper length.  Trim carefully around head area.  Glue with hot glue gun.

 Add Decorations:

Blow-up black balloons – one medium sized and the other large size.  Glue together near hole.

Glue black pipe cleaners – 3 on each side. Glue on food and other creative items to look like at a picnic.

 Hat and Face:

Add two black pipe cleaners to a knit hat and attach medium size black pom poms. Decorate face with black make-up. Have fun!