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Coolest Homemade Caterpillar Halloween Costume

This year my kids went with a bug theme for their Halloween costumes. My son wanted a Homemade Caterpillar Halloween Costume. I had a hard time finding the right material to use for the costume until I went to the blanket section in Walmart and found a fuzzy lime green 50-60 square feet throw blanket.

First, I measured my son from neck to knee and added a few inches to account for the gathering of the humps. I had a pattern for a hood from last years costume that I cut out of the excess material. I then sewed the hood together using a sewing machine and attached it to the body fabric.

Next I sewed pockets to make the lumps. To make the pockets, I sewed four 24″ lines directly in the middle of the fabric for the body. Each line was 8.5″ apart starting directly at the bottom of the fabric and ending 8.5″ from the top. I then went back and sewed 5/8? line next to each original line to make a pocket for the elastic.

I cut four 12″ long of 1/4″ of elastic and thread it through the 5/8″ pocket. The last elastic seam on top went the whole length of the fabric to make the neck line. I thread 24″ of elastic through the elastic pocket. The elastic ends were then sewed down to keep them in place. I then completed the back humps by sewing a curved or rounded humps on the outside edge of the lines. The blanket was double lined.

To complete the humps, I cut the underlining of each pocket that was made and stuffed it with batting until satisfied with the shape.

Now it was time to cut slits for my son’s arms. I wrapped the costume around in front and put three Velcro strips to close the front. The costume was too long in the front so I had to do some readjusting by cutting it shorter in the front to help him walk better.

The finishing touches were stuffing four lady’s black knee high socks with batting and sewing them onto the costume to add legs. I put a piece of hanger wire in each pair of legs so I could shape them. Finally, I hot glued one black pom pom to the end of two twisted pipe cleaners. I made a slit in the hood and fed the pipe cleaners through to another cut slit. Once through the hood, I then glued the second pom pom to the end of the pipe cleaners.

To finish the costume, my son wore a black sweatshirt and pants underneath and black gloves. This costume was very warm and received a lot of GREAT comments!

Caterpillar Halloween Costume

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