My original idea for a costume was “People of Walmart” but was I unable to find a flesh colored body suit to give the appearance of showing way to much skin without actually showing skin. (Hey, it’s cold here in Michigan.)   So, it was on to plan B.    I grabbed some boxes from the recycle pile at work and hit the Dollar store.  Armed with the boxes, $10, and an Idea, I set to work on my homemade masterpiece.

I started with a paper box.  The kind reams of paper come in. Added my $ store purchases of  a roll of  wood grain contact paper, 2 wine bags, some wall decals, a roll of electical tape, and some yellow straws.  A quick stop at the local Salvation Army provided the duffle bag and the hand crank food processer I needed for the strap and crank.

I carved the box lid to be the legs of the organ and then covered both the box and the lid with the wood grain contact paper.  Next  I used the electrical tape to secure the box to the lid and edge the entire thing.  I used the exhisting handle holes in the box to attach the strap that I cut off the duffle bag and the hand crank from the food processer.  Then I added the embelishments of a pipe organ made from the straws, the wall decal stickers along the top and sides, and used the pictures on the wine bags for the finishing touch to give it that vintage feel.  Added a stuffed monkey  “borrowed ” from my nieces and I was all set.

Everyone at the party l went to loved the costume. (Except for the drunk guy who thought I was supposed to be selling popcorn, candy, and cigarettes.)  And as the strap made it hang near waist level, I had my own table to set my drinks on.  The only negative about the whole thing was that I felt old when I had to explain to half the people there what exactly an organ grinder was…  Apparently organ grinders were a little before their time!   And as an added benefit, after Halloween, I can un attach the strap and crank and use the duffle bag and food processor that they came with.