I was the talk of the party!

Purple is my favorite color! What way to celebrate Halloween with my favorite characters (The minions) but the evil purple minion!  A perfect match for me.

My coworkers know I love my minions so I came up with an idea for our employee Halloween party/costume contest.  My coworkers would wear regular minion t-shirts and jeans, then I would be the purple minion.

I kept my costume a secret until the time of the party, everyone was guessing how I would disguise myself as the purple minion.  Boy were they surprise when I arrived in full costume from head to toe.  It was constructed from items one would never think of.

It started as a trash can, then handles were cut off and holes cut for the arms and one eye.  Then straps inside to hold it on my shoulders, purple felt wrapped around the can.  Styrofoam shaped the teeth; Purple wigs glued to the bottom of the trashcan formed the hair! Long purple arms to touch the floor with black gloves were constructed and attached. The last segment was the overalls and goggled eye This was the hardest part to figure out but we got it.

Everyone at the party was amazed how authentic it was to the actual character and many pictures were taken with the “minion”.