For the Curious George costume I bought a red shirt and brown leggings. For the shirt I cut out the Curious George letters from yellow felt and hand sewed them to the shirt. I also made leg warmers and wrist cuffs with faux fur and sewed elastic to the top of the material and measured it to fit snug on my leg and wrists. The ears were made with felt that I glued to a black headband and a little bit of the leftover fur to go around the ears. I also made the banana fanny pack out of an old bag.

For the man in the yellow hat costume my boyfriend and I bought a plain white long sleeve shirt and pants that we dyed the same yellow color. For the hat I used yellow material that I sewed around the base of a witch hat and sewed a long oval shaped piece for the top of the hat. I also made the tie out of yellow and black felt. We wore these costumes to the bars and it was hit! Everyone loved it and could easily tell that it was a couple costume. We were able to really get into character with these costumes simply by holding hands when we were walking around or having my boyfriend carry me to the bars. We won a cutest couple contest on Facebook by submitting a picture of us in our costumes and getting the most likes.