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Coolest Man In The Yellow Hat from Curious George Costume

Two years ago when the Curious George movie came out, I immediately thought of this idea. I love to have my kids wear costumes that are handmade (of course!) and are something that everyone (young or old) will know what they are. This is the only character costume I’ve ever done, but I knew even my kid’s great-grandparents would know who he was.

I had so much fun making this man in the yellow hat from Curious George outfit. From searching for the perfect clothing & boots, dying the clothing yellow, making the tall yellow hat (actually made two), sewing on George, making the brown messenger treat bag, and adding the finishing touches (like the banana).

My son got so much great compliments and even won a couple of costume contests. He stood out by a mile (I guess that will happen when you’re wearing a two foot tall yellow hat and have a monkey on your back).

How I made it:
The clothing was purchased from Once Upon A Child and Savers. Then I bought yellow Rit Dye and dyed the shirt and pants yellow.

The hat was made from a straw hat I bought at the craft store. I then cut out the middle piece and pushed a Styrofoam cone through the middle. I used a razor blade to carve the cone into the shape I needed. I then covered the entire thing with yellow felt (bought by the bolt). I used brown cording to cover up the edges of the hat where the seams were. I made a yellow and brown strap with a Velcro closure to insure that the hat stayed on.

The tie was made with yellow and brown felt and was then secured to a piece of elastic that went around his neck.

The messenger bag was made with brown felt and brown grosgrain ribbon. I also made brown mittens out of felt to keep his hands warm (we live in MN). I bought brown boots from Savers and a brown belt from Once Upon A Child. I added a plastic banana in his pocket that I purchased at a craft store.

The final and most important element was adding George. We used a stuffed George that my son had and I sewed his hands and feet to his shirt. It stayed securely in place and George was unharmed after being removed.

Curious George Costume

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16 thoughts on “Coolest Man In The Yellow Hat from Curious George Costume”

  1. What a great costume! My 3 year old son is going to be The Man with the Yellow Hat this year and my 1 year old will be Curious George. I have been looking everywhere for yellow clothing. I hadn’t thought of simply dying the clothes. What a smart idea! Thanks!

  2. So far this is the best costume I have seen on here. You did an awesome job. If I could talk my son into letting me do this for him I would. Sadly I think he is stuck on Mario. Oh well, maybe next year.

  3. I have been looking everywhere for the man in the yellow hat for my three year old. My 8 month old is going to be George. So thank you for your idea! I never thought about dying clothes, and what a great idea for the hat and tie!

  4. That costume came out so great! I need to make a yellow hat for my husband for my son’s first birthday party in April. my son LOVES curious George so he’ll be going as George, and my husband wants to be the man in the yellow hat. I’m definitely going to try your idea for the hat, until now I was a little stumped.

  5. Thank you so much for posting how to make this costume. My 6 year old son looooves Curious George and wants to be the Man in the Yellow Hat for Halloween this year. Since they only make that costume for adults (go-figure?), I was very excited to find your easy step-by-step instructions on how to make it for my son! Thanks again!

  6. My 3 1/2 year old son is going to be The Man in the Yellow Hat this year and my 20month old daughter Curious George. Would you be willing to sell your costume. I have had no luck finding white pants to die.

    Julia Gibson

  7. Thanks so much for the ideas. My son is 6 and is going to be the Man in the yellow hat. My daughter is 2 and is going to be Curious George. The yellow rit dye was the most helpful idea.

  8. I hope I can pull this off. My son really likes the idea of him being the man in the yellow hat and his 7 month sister being Curious George. I hope I can find white pants to dye yellow. He already has a white shirt the he wore one time to a wedding.

  9. Thanks for the information about how you made your Man in the Yellow Hat costume. I had been looking all over the internet for this costume for my 6-year old. I could not find white pants to dye, but I used very light tan pants and they turned out great. He is wearing black rain boots that we already owned, and all the trim on the hat and tie as well as his belt is black. I sewed the edge around the brim of the hat shut rather than using a strip of felt. My 3-year old is going as Curious George and I got a great deal on a plush monkey costume at Old Navy for him.

  10. I loved your idea on The Man In The Yellow Hat Costume. My son will be 2 in December And I will be using your idea on how to make this costume. My older son will be dressed as The Man In The Yellow Hat for my younger sons Curious George theme birthday party. All of the party decoration will come from Party City’s website…..


  11. I also borrowed your idea for Halloween, although I cheated a little by buying the hat at Iparty. My 6-year old son was the Man in the Yellow Hat, and my daughter was Curious George. They LOVED the costumes, and we got so many compliments. My son actually got to wear his costume again for his school’s “Dress up as a literary character day.” Thank you, thank you!

  12. My daughter wants to be The Man in the Yellow Hat for Halloween this year, with her brother going as George. I love your hat idea!

  13. Great job on the costume!! Can I buy it from you for my grandchild? 2 grandsons being Curious George and the Man in the Yellow hat this year for Halloween.


  14. My son wears a size 3T, any chance you would sell and ship this? Unfortunately, I don’t sew and am not crafty and don’t even own a sewing machine.



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