I love vintage and saw this cool 50’s creepy ice cream man. I wanted to zombiefy him a bit so decided to go for blood and teeth. ‘

I chose light weight material and first hand threaded it through some non sticky bandage. I kept the shape of the teeth erratic and weird. I glued the back of the bandage the day before use, so I had a good surface for the superglue.

Next day I glued the upper teeth and had my dinner. The reason I mention this is that I couldn’t have dinner while my lower teeth were attached. I covered the edges with liquid latex and toilet paper that I gently pushed back a bit to make it look like gums. Some greasy theater make up and a bit more superglue for the sprinkles and everything came together!

I also glued sprinkles on my blouse and handmade hat (cardboard and waffle like fabric they use for baby blankets). With some cotton I created the ice around the cone.

The shooting ice cream cone was bought, with some chocolate eyes, blood and sprinkles  – my outfit was complete. The amount of attention I got was something I never expected, people were genuinely scared of me!