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Costume submitted by:

Sheri B.
Orem, UT

Couple Halloween Costumes

I like to put together couple Halloween costumes for my family each year. Last year my husband and I decided to go as a traditional Swiss couple. (Well I decided and he went along with me. He wasn't too thrilled with the lederhosen but he was a good sport). My great-grandmother was Swiss so I felt a connection to Switzerland. I researched quite a bit on the internet before I started.

The first thing I bought was the hats. They are authentic walking hats made in Switzerland with antique Swiss pins and feathers. They were the most expensive thing about the costume. The dress was a red small corduroy jumper from a thrift store and I got lucky because it was made in Ireland so it had the old European look I was after. I turned the dress backward and unzipped it half way then added a bodice insert of black material and tacked ribbon on. I found the shirt at a thrift store also.

I added white knee socks with black yarn cut into fringe and black shoes. Also a necklace that was the closest thing I had to looking like Edelweiss. I finished my outfit with an eyelet apron. For the lederhosen I cut off a pair of Dockers pants and found the flowered suspenders in a thrift store. I also found another small leather belt and cut it for the breast part of the lederhosen. Plain white oxford shirt, white knee socks with the black tassels and a pair of brown slippers completed the outfits.

Total Spent: $75

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Costume submitted by:

Pat M.

Couple Halloween Costumes


We bought the same color nurse outfits, shaped a piece of foam, covered it with material sewed it to the shirt and sewed a baby nipple on it.

Then for the surprise we had a bottle of "Baileys" in our pocket under the boob and rigged a tube to go to the nipple. When you sucked on the nipple you got a shot of Baileys.

We won second prize for our couple Halloween costumes at a Halloween party!

Total Spent: $40

Couple Halloween Costumes


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