This  Zombie LEGO Minifigure Costume was made for the pop culture convention, Supanova in Perth, Australia in 2011.

I used cardboard for the torso and legs, resin/fiberglass to make the structure strong, foam for padding insides and arms, straps with Velcro inside the legs to strap the LEGO legs in place, old fly wire for the mouth to see through, primer and spray paint and acrylic paint for the detailing.

For the head. I used 2 sheets of Styrofoam, sanded down to shape for the top and bottom then glued thick card (which was then fiberglassed) around the Styrofoam for the sides.

As there isn’t much air flow inside the costume, I attached costume cooling fans I made out of old computer fans and a 9V battery inside the torso.

I based the character on an existing zombie minifig but changed the color to green (the original is grey) as it looked more zombie-like. Even though I can see where I am going in the costume, I had a couple of times where I tripped as I couldn’t see below me and stairs were too narrow to walk up with my giant LEGO feet!

It took me 6 weeks and approximately $200 to make.

If you have are interested in how I made it, I have made a 10-part tutorial which can be found on my blog here…