My 2 year old niece is obsessed with Disney princesses. Her favorite princess is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Last year she decided to be Ariel for Halloween. I thought I’d come home from school to surprise her and go trick or treating with her. Unfortunately she was scared to death of me and wouldn’t look at me until ¾ of the way through the night. Anyway, the Ursula the Sea Witch and Ariel Costumes were relatively easy to make.

-First I bought some cheap/ on sale black satiny fabric and some stretchy purple fabric. I cut out 6 large oblong triangular shapes of each color fabric about the length of my waist to my feet. On my machine I paired a purple and black triangle and sewed right sides together leaving the wide top open.

Then I turned them all right side out and stuffed them full of poly-fill. Next I hand-sewed the “tentacles” to a black tube top I created using the same black fabric. I dyed a long-sleeve white tee to a light lavender color and wore it under the tube top.

I wore black leggings, black bike shorts, and black “ballet” house slippers under the “tentacles”. I did the hair and make-up myself as well. I used white and black hair color sprays and tons of hairspray and gel to make my hair look like that.

The make-up took quite a while, complete with tons of black eyeshadow, fake lashes, red lipstick, and drawn on beauty mark. I “whited-out” my face, neck, and ears with some white cream make-up and white powder before doing eyes and lips.

I finished the whole look off with a choker/necklace I made by gluegunning a seashell to some black ribbon. I also wore some of my mom’s old round purple earrings.

It was one of the best costumes I’ve ever worn and the first I’ve ever made myself. Unfortunately I can’t take credit for making her Ariel costume, her grandma did it. Aren’t we so cute?

 Urusula The Sea Witch Costume Costume

 Urusula The Sea Witch Costume Costume