I bought the blue and silver material from a fabric store. Then I printed out pictures of a Redbull can to go by. I then measured how wide and long I needed the dress to be. I then cut the fabric at the angles I needed , after many tries I finally got it right. I then sewed it together, put pins in to fit the dress to me tighter and have it more fitted. Re-sewed again. I placed the elastic inside the top. I then measured and cut the leg and arm slip covers. Also, added elastics to have it stay up.

Then came the lengthy process of taking the felt/foam paper. Cutting out each letter one by one. Then created the two colored logo as well. I then glued it on with fabric glue, set books on it and left it over night. I then used cardboard and cut out a mini version of the top of the can with the can opener and spray painted it silver.

I also made a Redbull bracelet which I cut the Redbull logo off a can and attached chains to it to create the bracelet. I made 2 of those, one for me and one for my friend.