Every year we try to create a fun sibling costume. This year I wanted to hit it out of the park by doing something fun, unique and crafty. The kids had many ideas and finally we all landed on Lego people. In the end the Lego Munchkins Costumes were very economical and able to be used all winter long.

What you will need: yellow spray paint, brown paint (for the girl costume), an empty large clear plastic pretzel container, red fleece, shipping printer label, cheap yellow gloves, sharpee, exacto knife for cutting openings.

Step 1: Cut a large opening in the empty clear plastic pretzel container top for your head (cut off lid) –

Step 2: Place the pretzel container on your head so you can mark with the sharpee where the eye and mouth holes should be cut. My daughter wanted to look like a girl so we added holes to pull her real hair thru for pony tails.  (make sure to line this up with your head)

Step 3: Cut openings for eyes and mouth and/or pony tails based on the circles you outlined in step 2. Make sure they are nice and large so you can actually see and breathe

Step 4: spray the pretzel container with yellow spray paint. After dry, you can pain hair for the girl version.

Step 5: Print a Lego logo onto a large label – I used large blank shipping labels The Lego logo can be found by doing a simple image search on the web. (I printed 2 and placed them on the front and back of each fleece).

It was such a easy inexpensive costume and the kids were definitely a hit at school – bonus is that we were able to peel the label off and reuse the fleece and gloves.