I home make my son’s costumes every year. So when my 6 year old said he wanted to be a Lego man for Halloween, I was up for the challenge of making a Lego Boy costume. I made the head out of Styrofoam and used yellow duct tape for the color. I sanded the Styrofoam to make the rounded shape of the head. I had Styrofoam dust everywhere!

I cut holes in the Styrofoam for the eyes and mouth and used black electrical tape to outline them. The body was made out of cardboard that I painted to look like a shirt. I also made the C-shaped hands out of cardboard and used the duct tape to cover them. The best part of this costume is watching my son walk around with the huge Lego head on his little body. My son and I are really excited with how the costume turned out and he can’t wait to show his friends!