My boys (10 and 5 year’s old) love to play the Rock em Sock em Robot game, so what better thing to be them in real life?? They didn’t even fight over the colors!

This was an inexpensive Homemade Rock Em Sock em Brothers Costumes since the majority is made out of sheets of fun foam ($1 each) and glue sticks. Also, the sweats I got from the Goodwill store. It was really hard to find powder blue sweat bottoms for a 10 year old, so I ended up spray painting them!

I started out with the mask. I had to measure the distance for their eye holes and from chin to top of the head. I sketched them out of heavy stock paper and cut them out. It took a few times to try the paper mask on them and make adjustments before I had the right size. As you can see the older brother had a bigger distance from his eyes to the top of the head which looks a bit distorted, but worked. I think the costume works better for the little ones. I used the template of paper to trace the same pattern on the foam and cut it out with an exacto knife. I pieced the mask with hot glue. I cut out circles and the ear and glued those on for a 3 dimensional look. I used black chiffon fabric for the eye holes so from the outside you couldn’t see their eyes and they were able to see very well.

I found a chest plate and plastic forearms at the dollar store. Painted them the correct color and glued them on the sweatshirts. If I had to do this again, I would make the pieces of foam. The paint scratched off the plastic pieces and I think boxing gloves (even though not on the robots on the game) would have been better. More people would have got the idea of who they were. I cut out foam pieces for the upper arm, the thigh and boot and hot glued them. I constructed the boot out of fun foam, but if I had to do it again, would have used something more durable like a shoe box! The foam didn’t hold up well and came apart. I ended up duct taping them for reinforcement!

The whole challenge was to make this as comfortable as I could and to make it easy to walk in. I had fun with it!

Rock em Sock em Brothers  Costume