I love the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ so when I saw the episode where Lily dressed as a Parrot I decided I had to go with the homemade parrot Halloween costume idea and be a parrot for Halloween 2010.

I started by purchasing feather boas from a website that sold them at wholesale price. I then bought bags of individual feathers from Michaels. At this point I was not sure how I would actually execute the costume. I used red, yellow, lime green and kelly green feather boas for the skirt portion of my costume and sewed them in rows on an old black skirt I didn’t wear anymore. Then I took an old tank top and cut the straps off so it would look more like a tube dress when it was all on.

I hot glued individually each feather all over the bodice of the tank front and back with the kelly green colored feathers then glued blue on the top so they peaked out (this was the longest most time consuming part!). I took some blue feathers and a jewelry making kit and made blue feathered fishhook earrings. I bought a pair of blue tights, found a website online that sold parrot beaks (this was the hardest to come across… not a lot of places carry parrot beaks apparently it’s not a popular costume! lol).

Then while shopping at Michael’s looking for something I could use to make my head dress I found a kids headband with cat ears and a cat nose that hung down the front. I bought this and cut all the fur off, glued kelly green, lime green and blue feather down the sides of the head band and down the back.

On a random trip to the Halloween store I found fake eyelashes with red feathers on the ends. It turned out great! I was so happy with the finished product and EVERYONE loved my homemade parrot Halloween costume idea! I also kept a kelly green feather boa in tact to hold on my arms kind of like wings!

I won most creative at the Halloween party I was at!!!