My Naked Troll Doll costume wasn’t completely original but I adapted it perfectly to the winter weather which blew in on Halloween.

It took me a while to make my hair. I needed a little help, but it was totally worth it.

To create the hairstyle:
– I glued two paper cups to a paper towel roll and placed it on the top of my head. I then bent over and let my hair hang down.
– I tied it with three hair ties and lifted my head up.
– I sprayed it with hairspray for about two hours to firm it up.
– I then used pink hairspray to dye the hair and glitter spray for the finishing touches.

A word of warning: if your hair is as long as mine is, get into a convertible because there’s no way you’ll be able to keep your head up!

To create the outfit:
– I used a beige leotard
– I used a corset as a skirt as I did not have a beige skirt
– I put a pair of beige pantyhose on over the leotard
– I bought a pair of booties from Walmart.
– Finally, I bought a diamond-shaped plate from the casino section at Party City and super-glued it to my outfit.

For my make-up:
– I did the basic make-up look but added two red studs on the corner of my tear ducts.
– I added elf ears to complete my costume.

When trick or treating, I got extra candy and chocolate for my creativity. I also won the club’s best costume contest. Many people described me as a motivator and said my costume was the best this year. I hope this motivates others to avoid spending so much on costumes and be more creative.