This year we decided to go in a Homemade Mary and Ted Costume from There’s Something About Mary. At the Halloween party we also had Warren there, but I guess at that moment he was off somewhere looking for his baseball.

Mary’s costume was somewhat tough with perfecting the hair, but she found a simple dress from New York and Co. for eleven dollars and the wig cost 12 dollars.

For Ted, it was tough to find a tan and tope suit, but I finally went to my grandpa’s closet and found the pants, jacket, and white button down. I purchased a $12 dollar wig for Teds hair. I bought a set of fake teeth and glued my old braces in them. On the jacket, I added a dark brown lapel, as well as dark brown stripes above the coat pockets. I made a carnation boutineer and pinned it to the coat collar. I added ruffles down the center of the button down shirt as well as on the ends of the sleeves. I made the vest from scratch as well as the bow tie. I got my grandpa’s old black cowboy boots and painted them chocolate brown. For the pants, I sewed the brown ribbon down the outer legs.

And finally, for Teds “beans” zipped in his zipper, I first made a clay replica of them in the bottom of a rectangular container. I then poured plaster over them to the top of the container, once cured, I turned it over and removed the clay. Now, with a reverse mold of the “beans” I filled it using a tube of white silicone. After that was dry, I pealed it out, painted them, and sewed them into the pants’ zipper.

Total, for Ted we spent 45-55 dollars and 25 dollars for Mary.