Coolest Something About Mary Couple Costume

My Mom has a party every year so we dressed up as “Something About Mary”.

Mary Costume: Mom bought a simple red dress at a thrift shop, got a short blonde wig & a piece of hair was gelled up in the air. She had a stuffed little dog that we bandaged up. Hers was easy.

Ted Costume: Mom found a brown suit with brown suede on upper front panel, put some brown fabric down the legs of the pants to match. Made a big bow tie with some more of the tan & brown fabric. Placed a fake flower on lapel. Couldn’t find a shirt with ruffles so went to hobby lobby & bought some lace & sewed it into the sleeves of jacket.

For the “Beans & Franks”, made a pocket out of light tan material, filled with some sequins & put that pocket into an old nylon – shaped it into a little ball & sewed it onto the zipper to make it look like it was stuck. Found some teeth with braces at Halloween store (he couldn’t wear the braces all night cuz they bugged him and stuck out too much). Found a wig at the Halloween store.

Magda Costume: First I got some dark bronzer makeup & darkened my face to look like I tanned it all the time like Magda. I made a sun reflector shield out of cardboard & aluminum foil that I carried & put up to my neck at times. Put on long fingernails with a big ring & had a cigarette in one hand. Bought a blonde curly wig, wore a funky night shirt with fluffy slippers, wore blue eyeshadow & pink lipstick.

We had fun with these costumes. Everybody at the party loved our costumes.

Coolest Something About Mary Costume

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