My friends have a long lasting joke that I remind them of the crazy old drunk lady from “There’s Something About Mary” so I decided on an original Magda costume from There’s Something About Mary for Halloween.

The first step I took in creating my “Magda” costume was her nightgown. I purchased a 1970’s style moo moo from a vintage store. Then I purchased a platinum blonde wig. I took a stuffed toy dog, and wrapped it up in bandages, and made a personalized dog collar with the name “Puffy” on it. I also wrapped tin foil around cardboard to create a sun reflector. I added a few pounds of spray-on tan, old lady makeup, and costume jewelry…and that was my Magda!

People who know the movie caught on right away, and found it hysterical. Others needed a reminder of who the character was. Regardless, my overly tan skin and heavy makeup definitely got a few laughs.