This Homemade Cupcake Adult Costume took me a little over a week to make. I sewed it both with machine and by hand.

I bought some thick silver material, that looked like foil, and sewed the folds to resemble cupcake foil. Then I wrapped the fabric around a quilting hoop. I sewed old light pink shoelaces to the quilting hoop, so it could be suspended from my shoulders. The top of the cupcake is basically a pillow. I used light pink satin fabric, cut in the shape of a cupcake. I stuffed it and hand sewed on accent fabric to create the swirls. It was shimmery and I think it finished the look.

For the sprinkles, I used these things called magic doodles from JoAnn fabrics. They are mainly cornstarch, so they melt if they get wet. I liked the color of them and used them because I couldn’t find pastel colored pom-poms. I attached the top of the costume to myself by sewing elastic to the back of the pillow. This way I was able to lift it over my head and it would stay around my middle. I put on the bottom first, then I put the cupcake over the shoelaces holding up the bottom. My back was open so I wore a white tube top and covered it with leftover pink fabric from the swirls on the cupcake.

I wore light gray tights and silver heels. I ordered a light pink wig but it, unfortunately, did not arrive in time. I improvised by putting some cornstarch sprinkles from my costume in my hair with bobby pins. I also made a matching cupcake purse with leftover fabric. Nothing was difficult to make but it was just time-consuming with all the little details. All the compliments were worth the time and effort I put in.