From an image from the “BraveHeart ” movie, I looked at his attire and then went to a fabric store and ordered 6 yards of green and brown plaid material but really only needed a couple of yards. It’s basically wrapped around me and held up with a brown leather belt I had.

From a surplus store I found two wrist bracelets with studs and I attached them to a nylon seat belt buckle and they carried my sword on my back ( sorry I don’t have pics of this). I used a piece of brown vinyl and wrapped it around my arm making it a little tighter at the hand. It was seamed with small brass eyelets and inside held a small handkerchief with my wife’s initial and small design embroidered on it. I wore my tan safety boots and covered them with the arm cut offs from my grey textured knit top.

The makeup is soap and water washable. On hand from previous Halloween costumes was the wig, sword, and ball and chain. The leather look medieval top was purchased from a thrift store.

What was funny about the day was that I was attending college for Travel & Tourism and I had to give a presentation on places I’d been. My co-students laughed heartily as I did the Power point presentation using my sword. When it was finished, we all went for a coffee break and I acted as a crossing guard holding up traffic and waving students through with my sword.

Seriously, one of my best times ever !!