I made this Homemade Bird Attack Costume on VERY short notice. It was a week before Halloween and a local hangout was having a contest but I didn’t hear about it until the DAY OF. Well, I had a great costume underway but was waiting on my mannequin body (don’t ask-haha) to arrive in the mail. I’m all about being thrifty, original, and fun. On a whim, I hit my local dollar store and found these birds. That was pretty much all it took. I already had my liquid latex at home. Add some scratches, gouges, a black cardigan and voila!

The very sad part is that I didn’t win… the contest was based on “crowd feedback” and as was mentioned before… (s)he who has most friends there wins. It came down between Richard Simmons and I… well good ole Richard won but I got SO many compliments and weird looks throughout the night that I was still very happy with my creation. I was definitely the most original there and kept the spirit of Halloween by not going as “just another girl in a short skirt”.

Materials Needed:
*Birds (however many you would like)
*Liquid latex
*Halloween makeup (or regular makeup can be used, mainly need red)
*Lots of hairspray

For the tiny “holes” in my face all I did was spread a very thin layer of liquid latex, let dry a couple of minutes, then pinch a hole in the middle. Repeated this all over and then patted with some translucent face powder and smeared some red cream makeup in the “holes”. For the eye, I used eyelash glue to glue a piece of a black napkin over my eye. Then layered the liquid latex over the edges to make it look bumpy and gross. Covered with makeup the same as the smaller holes. Birds were VERY lightweight and I attached them to hair clips and clipped them on.

Total cost was $3 (Birds $1 each). I had the liquid latex on hand already but you can get it for about $2 at a costume store.