My husband, Dan, and I had a thought about making Hocus Pocus costumes and turning our front yard into the Movie. And since all 6 kids are out of the house on their own, we had the time to put into making the best costumes and props we knew how.

The people were chosen to play the parts and the props were in production. Not realizing just how much detail we were going to do, but as the saying goes “Go Big or Go Home!” It wasn’t so much the “costumes”, but the details for the yard. We made the Graveyard with headstones, lighting, fencing and Binx the Cat.

The cauldron had “fire”, smoke and lighting. No store had a cauldron big enough for what we wanted, so we made one large plastic tub covered with spray foam, shaped down to the style we wanted and painted black. For the fire we used chicken wire with orange and white lights covered with spray foam and painted black. We made an ice chest to make the fog machine blow out floating cold fog into the cauldron and had a multi-colored mini ball light in the cauldron to illuminate more light from the bottom of it.

The black lit candle was a battery-operated candle with printed artwork on clear stickers from our computer. We found an old lantern stand for the candle to set in.

My husband was in charge of “THE BOOK”. He found a large book at goodwill and covered it with skin-like material that he sewed to look more like the book was covered with dead men skin. Modeling clay made the snakes and than painted and the eye ball with a painted buckle surrounding it. He had to make a special stand to hold such a large book. I printed out some pages to place in the book for the people to see that there were in-fact spells and PLUS we had a script right in front of us.

To make the potions awaiting for their use in recipes, we used different-sized bottles filling them with colored water. We put boiled eggs in one, eye balls, snakes, and mice in the others. Printed off the computer the labels for all the bottles. Let’s not forget the basket of Dead-Mans Toes.

For the cage with the remains of what was a person, my husband made a cage out of wood & aluminum flat metal pieces. Paint with Black paint and with a leftover skeleton from last year we made a person for the cage.

And we had to have MUSIC! We looped the song of “Come Little Children” and set up our speakers outside for ALL to hear. There was a lot of shopping at Thrift Stores and most of our props were found, after painting and revamping them to what we wanted.

At last we have Hocus Pocus costumes: I made all them for each person and their size. Finding the buck teeth was the most difficult thing to find. What we didn’t plan for was our Sarah became ill and we needed to find a size 8 Sarah in 2 days… Friends from a town 35 minutes away said their daughter would be happy to do it and that Hocus Pocus was her favorite movie.

One last phone call to the photographer for the local paper and we were ready for the evening

Everyone LOVED the front yard and many people stopped to take pictures and& they didn’t even have kids with them. The paper came and took pictures, didn’t think that we were gonna be on the Front Page… “SCORE!!” And like last year, after Hocus Pocus was done, Dan & I were thinking of the next year for Halloween….