Every year I ask my kids what they want to be for Halloween. This year my 6 year old said Bowser. I couldn’t tell him no. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I was ready for a challenge. I started out by finding a pattern to help me. I used 2 patterns, one from McCalls and the other Simplicity. I used gold fleece for the body and followed the directions from the pattern that was the easy part.

I’ve never made hands before so that was tricky. I ripped those seams out at least 10 times but with some advice from my mom we figured it out. Before sewing the last hem in I sewed on the bands with the spikes made out of black and white felt. I knew when I made his shell I would need some creativity. I tried using anything round but it always seemed too small. I had some help from my husband who told me to use a compass so I tied a piece of string to 2 pens made the first circle moved my point over 4 inches and made the second circle so they would overlap.

I erased part of my first circle so the top and bottom of the shell would be more of an oval with the sides being round. I used green felt for the entire shell. I made the spikes from white felt and stuffing the white ring from white fleece and the red circles from red fleece. I sewed the top and bottom of the shell right sides together and turned them inside out so there were no seams. I then sewed on straps made out of the gold fleece so it would represent a school bag. The head was fun to make. I used felt again followed the pattern and used fleece for the lining .

This costume was not easy to make. I’ve put over 100 hours into it but seeing the look on my son’s face made it all worth it.