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Coolest Homemade Bowser from Super Mario Bros Costume

My friends were throwing a Halloween party and 2 of them were going as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. I thought it would be fun to tell them I was going as a zombie to throw them off, then show up as Bowser, their mortal enemy! It was priceless when I barged through the door and announced it was the end for them and that I was taking the princess!

I can’t tell you how surprised and how much they loved my Homemade Bowser from Super Mario Bros costume!

Materials:2 devil horns, 6 bobby pins, a spiked collar and wristbands, red hairspray, green oil- base make-up, 1 yard of green material, 1/8 of a yard of grey material, sewing machine,and 1 adult-size backpack.

To make the turtle shell on the backpack, I bought some green shell-like material and sewed it over an old backpack that I had stuffed with a pillow to make it more round. I then sewed grey material around the edges to make it appear more like Bowser’s shell edges. For the spikes I thought it clever to use birthday hats wrapped in white felt, and for the smaller spikes I just wound the felt into little spikes.

I ratted my hair pretty drastically to help it stick up and used hairspray as well as a whole can of red temporary- color hairspray. I then used bobby pins to hold the horns in place on my head (I used extra just to be safe). I then applied the green make-up to my upper face, excluding my nose and cheeks, so as to resemble Bowsers face.

You have Bowser from Super Mario Bros!

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