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Coolest Homemade Bowser Halloween Costume Idea

My son wanted to be Bowser for Halloween, so I began by buying the green fabric for the shell and I cut 1 long rectangle the length of his back and 2 oval shapes for the sides of the shell. I sewed the sides to the rectangle and it made a nice shell shape. Then I sewed a yellow backing and a white fabric border, leaving a hole at the bottom where I filled with polyester fiberfill and made a tail with the yellow fabric so that it stuck out from the back bottom of the shell.

Then I bought a hard felt material that I found on clearance and I only had that 1 sheet so I could only make a few spikes, if not I would have made more. I used a party hat to trace the cone shape for the spikes. I hand sewed the spikes to the shell. The hardest part for me was the arm hole openings that I had to figure out how to attach to the shell. I still can’t explain how I did it. It was more trial and error. He slipped on the shell like a backpack.

The clothes were a white long sleeve shirt and white jogging pants that I dyed yellow. The belly was a yellow fabric that I layered with batting and then I machine sewed the lines to make it look like a fat belly. The arm bands and collar were foamies which I cut out and he wore like bracelets and I glued little cone shaped spikes to them with a combination of all purpose glue and crazy glue because they kept popping out of place.

The best part was the head. I started with a baseball cap sized for my son’s head and I inflated a balloon into the hat to help keep its shape and I got a lot of newspaper and made a paper mache paste using 2 parts flour, 1 part water and 1tblsp salt. I cut the newspaper into lots of strips 2 inches by 8 inches and I layered and layered and layered until I got the height and shape I wanted. It was very hard to keep the horns and hair straight so I had to be patient and wait till one layer was totally dry before doing another layer.

I did the same with the Mario head bucket. I inflated a balloon and did a lot of layers so that it would be hard enough to hold a lot of candy. After the heads were dry, I painted them and I used crepe paper streamers to make the scale look by cutting little circles. The look of the fiery hair was made by cutting 3inch strips of orange crepe paper and then cutting lots of little lines half way through so that I still had something to glue to the head. This was very time consuming, I’m sure there was a better way but I couldn’t think of it. I slowly built up the layers of hair and they didn’t move an inch! The gloves were white and I hand painted up to the tip to make it look like claws.

I used every spare minute I had to make this Homemade Bowser Halloween costume idea. We love it!

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  1. Thanks but the costume has long been disassembled. We kept the head but the pants were donated and the shirt was repurposed for a Minion Costume-nothing goes to waste LOL


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