Costume Created by Michael from Wichita Falls, TX

I have been known to strip off my clothes and streak when introduced to alcohol. All of my friends know this, so I thought a censored streaker easy Halloween costume would be perfect.

For all of three dollars, and about 20 minutes of my time I created this costume. All you need to pull this off is a box, 2 cans of spray paint (black & white), some duct tape a poster board for a stencil, and an x-acto knife or box cutter.

The box should be just big enough to cover your waist, and make sure it’s long enough to cover your package. remove all tabs from the bottom of the box, and cut a waist size hole in the top of the box. Spray paint the box black and let it dry. Use the x-acto knife to cut a stencil for word "CENSORED". Then use the stencil and white spray paint to finish it off.

Now you will not be able to drive with this costume so you have to wait until you get where you are going to duct tape it on. This was a huge hit at the party, and the general shock is great.