Coolest Censored Streaker Costume

I wanted something that would turn heads… something between sexy and shocking. After watching bloopers on TV I decided to be a censored streaker.

I bought a flesh colored body suit and flesh panty hose. For the censored rectangles I bought that thick foam board and cut out rectangles. I used magnets to hold them on. On my butt I cut a rectangle out of felt and connected it with velcro.

My costume was awesome… It turned so many heads and I even won most original costume! I had a blast being stared at and snickered about and it was easy to make!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Censored Streaker Costume”

  1. I love this outfit. My girlfriend and I where thinking of something like this but now that I’ve seen your costume we can do it cheap and easy because she has them already. Cool idea.

  2. thanks for the idea – me and my lesbian partner both went to a Halloween party dressed as censor bars. we even picked up another girl on the way home because we looked so sexy! thanks for the idea it was a great orgy threesome that night :)

  3. please please please can someone direct me to where i can find that same flesh tone body stocking. This girl looks amazing

  4. I’m attempting to do this costume as well, however I am wanting to avoid using any type of body suit; I don’t want to wear anything except for the ‘cencor bar(s)’ Any ideas on how to work that?

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