We had a busy weekend of costume “showing off” and this Homemade Beetlejuice and Lydia Costume was our costume for the Saturday night of Halloweekend. I went as Beetlejuice and one of my best mates was Lydia Deetz which was super appropriate as she was dj’ing that night and her DJ name is Lydia Beatz! Yes, we’re big fans of the movie.

Both our costumes are thrift store finds. Her dress was only slightly altered and she added her veil and created a wig with hair pieces for Lydia’s trademark do. I found a white blazer and pants at a thrift store for about $8 for both pieces and my husband, Damion, painstakingly painted the stripes on as the fabric dye (our first technique) and then later the paint kept bleeding, despite how well we thought we taped off the lines.

Although it took a lot of time to paint, the suit is PERFECT. My wig is another creation I styled myself and the make up is liquid latex and bits of toilet paper (old movie trick) plus base eye shadows and flour for additional texture. I had a black tie, white shirt and combat boots on hand already.

This was a super fun costume that I could easily move about (compared to other costumes I’ve had) and we had a lot of fun that night mimicking the characters. As Beetlejuice would say, “IT’S SHOWTIME!”