The shirt is from Goodwill, the jeans and thermal are from the back of my closet, and the Dickie’s one piece came from eBay. The wig is from an actual wig shop and I got it cut into a mullet. This was a pretty awkward experience – the lady made me wear the wig and cut it as if it was my actual hair. I spent the first part of October growing a beard to shave into the classic Joe Dirt style. The costume made it’s debut on 10/25 and got some great reactions. I’m also getting great reactions at work…I’m stuck with this facial hair until Friday when I wear the costume again. My girlfriend hates everything about it.

“Well, I was born without the top of my skull and I guess a little bit of my brains was showin’ and it was grossin’ everybody out so my mom put this wig on me to cover it up and then the bones grew together and it got all infused and entwined. I mean I don’t mean to get all scientific with you…”