Every year I try to find a costume that has been done before, and then take it to a whole new level. This year was inspired by a ridiculous unicorn costume you can find on Google searching for “unicorn costume”. A sad man with tap shoes and a fake horse rear end. I knew I could do better.

It began in November 2011 with the carving of foam. You can find dense foam insulation (not Styrofoam) at home improvement stores. Cut it into chunks and glue the rough shape together with gorilla glue. Clamps make a big difference. Then comes the 4 step shaping process. Start by carving with a hot wire tool which can be bought, or made from the wire out of a blow drier connected to a car battery charger. Then move to the Thanksgiving power carving knife. Then there is the wire mesh dry wall sanding. Finally you can fill in and smooth the surface using dry wall spackle.

I then moved to the upholstery phase. Spray adhesive works the best, but be careful because the propellant can melt foam if you are too close. Stretch to get out wrinkles and think ahead to where seams will be located. Get Amazon prime. It pays off in the end. I bought 7 wigs, LED lights, a fanny pack, and canned air with shipping adding up quick.

The horn is made of rolled up plastic from TAP Plastics glued with super glue. The cuffs are made from fur fabric that I chose to sew and add elastic (they can be bought online for cheap I found out later). The hoofs are simple cardboard with silver spray paint.

The most complex part was the nose. It has PVC tubes mounted to hold confetti launchers. It also has a can of canned air turned upside down with tubing to shoot the fog out the nose when I want to SNORT.