Out daughter informed us that she wanted to be Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen for Halloween, so naturally I began to browse the options online for costumes. Many of them were poorly crafted and looked nothing like the actual movie’s costumes! I decided that our little ray of sunshine would have nothing less than the best- or at least the best I could muster- so I set off on a mission.

I found a simplicity pattern for a couple bucks at Walmart that provided a similar dress as the end result. I went to 4 different stores comparing fabrics and trying to get the closest I could to movie quality and the photos I saved on my phone from image searches. I scoured the web to try and find sequins for the bodice and finally snatched some off ebay from a woman in Australia. I worked in the evenings while trying to keep the 2.5 year old occupied so I could cut, alter, and sew this costume. My sister, Aunt Nyssa, let me know how silly it was to be spending this much time on a two year old’s costume.

I posted progress pictures on Facebook and people appeared to like the progress. I had many friends ask me to help with their costume next, or even if I could make the same dress for their little girl. Ultimately right now I have found myself so burnt out on sewing that it may be a year before that pedal hits the metal again! The end product is nothing short of my labor of love for our silly and sweet girl. She has taken a liking to twirling in the dress and I can’t wait to take her trick-or-treating in it! Even if the dress is not perfect, it is if she is happy! We love our little Elsa and we hope you do too!