There are a lot of Beetlejuice costumes around, but I have never seen Taxi Driver Beeteljuice from the graveyard, so when my husband said this is what he wanted to do I was pumped! I love a challenge. Finding the right materials with out all the spending is my favorite part. So I went to the local thrift store, where I found a way oversized London Fog trench coat and a red flannel. He already had an old pair of gray work pants, so we just cut them off at the ankle and paired them with white knee socks. These were good raw materials, but to make it look like he arose from he grave we needed to rough them up a bit. So we made potato stamps to recreate the abstract black bug shapes that appear on his shirt, and took scissors and sandpaper to the jacket. Then we needed moss, so I bought a moss ribbon from the craft store to sew on the jacket. Of course no one would recognize beetle juice without the iconic hair, so that was our splurge a costume shop wig, 15. The taxi hat was also a new one, but I personalized it by making the taxi face plat out of clay.

With the outfit complete, make up time. There was a lot of youtube videos, movie pics and trial/error to achieve the right look, but we settled for a moldy pale face with deep set eyes using a combination of eye shadows and cheap costume makeup. It was fun practice, a few boring weekends livened up with playing make up artist.

We sent the pictures out to friends and they all said he looked like he came straight from the grave. At the party that night we even saw two other Beetle Juice personalities, both the classic black and white striped suit, but most people agreed taxi driver wins!