Typically my husband and I choose a couples-themed costume, but when he chose to be Ryan Gosling’s character from “Drive,” I knew I was on my own. I look forward to putting together a costume each year, and not simply buying a pre-made packaged one. After weeks of racking my brain, I finally came up with an acceptable option: French Kiss. Kiss as in the band. French as in the nationality.

To pull off the French look, I wore a beret, black and white striped shirt, skinny black jeans, a red neck scarf, a real baguette from the bakery, and a cigarette (only as a prop, because smoking is gross). To complete the Kiss portion of the costume I chose to use the Paul Stanley “Starchild” face paint. I watched a handful of Kiss make-up tutorials and gave it a go! I started by painting the majority of my face white and traced a star cut-out with eye-liner. I then used black face paint to fill in the star, as well as the opposite eyebrow. The make up was completed with bright red lip stick and I topped off the Kiss look with a black metal band wig. I received  very positive feedback from other party-goers!

Everyone thought it was very clever and my friends didn’t even recognize me. My favorite part of the costume was truly transforming myself and having fun doing it!