The idea for this 80’s DJ booth costume came to me in early October when I saw a picture of an 18-month toddler over a cereal box and two small records. A light went off in my head and I shared the idea with my husband, who thought I was crazy.

I started to gather things like boxes, a couple of lazy Susans, double sided tape, silver letters, glue, black paper, a strap, U-bolts, fake chains, my New York jersey, a Bluetooth speaker, and an iPod.  I had a blast portraying the old school deejay as I had lived through the 80’s, and it was my most fun-fest decade.  I loved the great reactions I got from people.  I even won the costume party at work. I engaged people with lights, character portrayal, and an 80’s playlist of electro-funk and club music.

I already had the cap from Vegas many years ago, and I also had my Adidas pants that I never got rid of. It was a blast. I had been keeping the costume for more entertainment and future parties.  My husband made my vision come to life.  His expert construction, engineering, and design stole the show.  We also used a couple of chopsticks, thimbles, and empty ring boxes.  It took him about 5-6 hours to assemble the entire costume.  It took me longer just to gather the things I needed.  One trip to Target and Michael’s in Naples, FL, then another trip to Target, Michael’s, Spencer’s, and Party City in Miami, FL. I took pictures of the first draft and then the final one.

The hardest part was standing or dancing for long periods of time with the strap around my neck, even though my husband constructed it so that it was light and hollow, it still seemed to weigh a lot after a period of time. It was the best Halloween costume ever!