This mermaid costume was super fun to make and it only cost me 10 dollars. I always like having homemade costumes, because the store bought ones are so cheezy and everybody has them. Also, they cost a lot of money. I was searching at a thrift store for mermaid stuff. I didn’t have anything in my mind, I was starting from complete scratch. I was willing to take on the challenge!

I was rummaging through everything, I had no idea what I was looking for. Finally, I came across this sparkly green 80’s looking dress that was completely hideous and had huge shoulder pads in it and the dress only cost 9 dollars so I knew even if I ended up not using it, it wouldn’t be a huge deal, since it was so cheap! so I got home and tried it on and I decided I would cut the dress at the waist so I could use the bottom half as my mermaid skirt, since it was tight enough.

The dress only went about to my mid calf so my mom suggested that I buy some tu-tu material and sew it along the bottom for the whole mermaid effect. now I needed a top. I knew exactly what I wanted in my mind but I couldn’t find it anywhere. so what I ended up doing is using the scrap I had left over. I cut a piece off the arm so it looked like a tube and made it fit around my body, it was extremely tight. It looked weird so my mom tied a purple bow around it and it was perfect! In the back I tied another bow and stuffed the left over tu-tu material so it draped down and I really looked like a mermaid!