I combined my love of medieval armor and beer to make this Knight. All of the armor is made out of Bud Select boxes and is covered in crystal clear tape to protect it (it makes it spill resistant). I chose Bud Select because it is one of the few beer boxes that have 2 different designs on it, a red crown and then an ice crown. It was the crown that gave me the muse for the helmet! I made my fiance’s costume out of Bud Select 55 so it matches but has a distinct color.

I cut out every piece by hand for the chain mail portions and connected them with zip ties. This was by far the most time consuming part! The chain mail skirt on the knight took about 10 hours itself to complete! I even made gauntlets and cut out small pieces with zip tie loops that went around my fingers. The greaves were made using existing shoes that I zip tied pieces of bud select box to. The top of her costume is all individually cut and tied together as well. That made it much easier to be form fitting.

The top is also adjustable with Velcro so it can be resized. I also made sure that all the pieces on the legs and arms were symmetrical to the pieces on the other leg/arm. I built the flail by making zip ties into loops and chaining them together, then I covered ping pong balls with a piece of the box to make the ends. Everything on the Knight is adjustable with Velcro and can be taken off easily. All in all these costumes took over 60 hours to make and 30+ boxes went into making them!

We wore these costumes out to bars and people loved them! We got some good reactions and most people always ask me how long it took, and if I drank the beer myself. And the answer to that is Yes!! We even wore them to the renaissance fair, and got tons of pictures taken with people. It is surprisingly easy to walk around in the full armor, probably easier than walking in a suit of real armor! Although it does get very hot inside walking around in August heat!

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