It has always been my dream to be The Mask character, and for the last 30 years now I have been making all my dream characters a reality, mostly horror. But also a lot of characters well that are non-horror such as this one! I started by making the mask out of silicone and then made the yellow coat and pants out of bright yellow fabric. I then added some black dress shoes, spats, in which I made adjustable, and then glued in polka-dot material to match the suspenders and tie. I then made a polka-dot hanky to match and glued that to the pocket are of the coat. I then made a giant hammer out of a popcorn barrel, 2 pie pans, and some foam to add embellishments. I then added a 48 inch 3/4 inch dowel.

I painted it white, and paint the can yellow with white trim to match the costume. I left the ends look like metal to look more authentic and realistic. I then took some Shrek Donkey teeth and cut the back off, repainted them bright and shiny white, then add heated thermal pellets to the back and shaped them to my teeth to get that HUGE cartoon teeth look and came out awesome! I then played the character at the parades and events that I go to from Mid Oct until Halloween and it was a blast! Everyone loved it and took first place in all those events, and “best costume”  and “funniest costume”. People loved it and I loved playing the character!