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Coolest Astronaut Costume 3

by Stephanie
(Houston, TX)

Astronaut Costume

Astronaut Costume

I am super-cheap, so I look for the most inexpensive items for my Halloween costumes. This year I made an astronaut costume. I bought a white sweatshirt for $4 at JoAnn Fabrics. I found NASA patches and logos on the internet - saved the images and printed on Iron-On Transfer paper (cut them out and iron on).

I bought a pair of grey track pants at Marshall's for $5. They were three sizes too big, so I took in the sides and hemmed the bottoms. I cut the letters U, S and A out of both red and blue felt and sewed them onto the pant legs.

For the JetPack, I bought two Styrofoam wreaths, cut them in half, Velcrod them together and Velcrod them onto the back of the sweatshirt. I also tied silver pipe cleaners around them.

For the space helmet, I saw a picture on this website of a pumpkin treat bucket with a hole for the face and painted white. I did the same thing. Cut a hole for the face with a dremel tool, spray painted it white inside and out. I printed the NASA logo and American Flag on sticker paper (Avery Labels) and stuck them on the helmet. The helmet was terrible though, doesn't stay straight on the head, stickers kept coming off, paint chipped off constantly. The helmet could be improved somehow, but I didn't have time to think about it before our Halloween activities.

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Coolest Homemade Astronaut Costume 7

by Terri
(London, Ontario)

Homemade Astronaut Costume

Homemade Astronaut Costume

Homemade Astronaut Costume
Homemade Astronaut Costume
Homemade Astronaut Costume

My son wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween so we created this Astronaut Costume for him.

We started with an old karate uniform and covered it with white duct tape. We were able to add some detail to the legs by folding the duct tape. The badges were printed off the internet and taped on with clear tape covering them in case of rain. The lights are from the dollar store. Some coloured electrical tape and odds and ends from the recycling bin helped us accessorize. We bought the helmet at an army surplus store and spray painted it white. His little sister side kick was a pink polk-a-dot alien.

Everyone was very excited by this costume. It was too bad he was actually quite sick with a cold on Halloween night and only felt up to going to a few houses. Fortunately one house of college kids gave him all of their candy because they said he had the "coolest costume ever".

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Astronaut and alien
by: Uncle Bob

That is way too cool. Looking forward to see what is in store for this year.

by: Anonymous

cool costume terri has lots of talent!!

Pretty Neat!
by: Anonymous

Thats one cool astronaut costume and what a cute side kick!!! Love it

astronaut and alien
by: nana

cute cute cute!
Nana can hardly wait to see what the 'theme' is this year..

by: Anonymous

My son decided that he wanted to be an anstronaut this year and I was at a loss for what to do. I am so thankful that here are a moms and dads out there who are so creative and helped me to make my son's dream of being an astronaut come true....
Thanks Again,

Lost without ideas!

Wonderful idea!!!!
by: Anonymous

I agree! It's now 2014, & I am reading you post . Thanks for the great idea!!!!

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Coolest Shuttle Astronaut Costume 4

by Cindi
(Rosendale, WI)

Homemade Shuttle Astronaut Costume

Homemade Shuttle Astronaut Costume

For this Shuttle Astronaut Costume I made a zip up sweatshirt/jacket and sweatpants from orange fleece. (Pattern for both at my local fabric store.)

I bought the patches online (just do a search, there are several sites which sell them.) There's also a US Flag patch on his left arm...they're available almost anywhere. I took the time to sew the patches on rather than iron them so that when my son grows out of the sweatshirt, I can remove them and iron them onto something else.

He used his black winter boots and snowmobile helmet to complete the look.

Since his costume isn't a jumpsuit, he can wear his COOL sweatshirt anytime he wants - part of his costume is still being used!

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Coolest Homemade Astronaut Costumes 6

by Olivia C.
(Boston, MA USA)

Homemade Astronaut Costumes

Homemade Astronaut Costumes

My four friends and I were astronauts this year... not sexy, slutty astronauts, but AWESOME astronauts. We made our own Homemade Astronaut Costumes.

We made our helmets out of trash can lids and purchased plumber coveralls online for our body suit. The costumes cost approximately $35 each and took about five hours for one of my friends and me to make all five of them! It was so worth it! We were famous all over the campus for the weekend!

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Help with an astronaut costume
by: Anonymous

Where did you get that type of trash can lid from with the dark part on the lid. We need an astronaut costume for a school project. Having trouble finding the supplies

by: Tara

Hi there,

Also looking for answer to what kind of trash can lid was used and how.

astronaut helmet
by: dj linda

great job Olivia. if you would email me a close up pix of your helmet with any tips i would so appreciate it. i need to make one in the next couple of weeks for an event. any help would be awesome. thanx.

close up of helmets
by: Joanne

I love the picture you have can you post a close up of the helmets and post what kind of lid you used!

Love them, but need help
by: Karen

Love your costumes. I actually contemplated
buying a trash can lid as you did, but how
can you do this without purchasing the entire
trash can? And what's holding them on their
heads? Assuming it's the same lid I saw,
what shows in your picture appears to just
be the top of the lid turned sideways, right?
Is it possible to explain more about how you
made them and/or send more pictures? I
couldn't see your responses to others and
they all seemed to have similar requests.

by: Anonymous

Can you send specific details on how you made your helmets? Pics too please!

More info on the costumes
by: One of the Astronauts

Hi everybody!
Here is more information on how we made the costumes

The helmet is a trash can lid that was spray painted. We had to buy the entire trash can because home depot wouldn't sell us just the lids. They were nice enough to cut a hole in the top of the trash can for us. We spray painted the outer part of the trash can white and the part that swings back and forth black. We also glued black mesh behind the opening. There is a piece of elastic attached to the helmet in the back to keep it on.

For the plumbers coveralls, we bought them for only a few dollars online and then printed out the NASA logo from online. We purchased Velcro and silver ribbon to make cuffs and a belt. We also bought a long tube that we wrapped around ourselves to drink through.

Hope that helps!

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