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Cool Home Made Endeavor Astronauts Costumes

These astronauts costumes were inspired by the one and only first astronaut that landed the American Flag on the moon by Edward H. White. One of the things that inspired me was when the Endeavor final mission landed on L.A.X. I was one of the most fortunate of hundreds of people to go see it land. I was thinking of what would be the perfect costume and the first thing that came to my mind was Transformers, Avengers and plenty more.

Then, finally I believe I made a great choice. What makes me more happy is that I am encouraging my family to dress up as Astronauts for halloween. It’s a great idea to inspire to the young people to encourage them to study. For example, an astronaut because kids think ahead of their careers in the future. The costume was to capture peoples attention. So far the reactions have been positive. Thanks.

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