This costume was quite challenging. I took an old jacket and pants and completely covered it with white duct tape. The duct tape was quite challenging to work with. It was a bit difficult to cut and since duct tape tends to stiffen things up, I had to keep trying it on my son to make sure it was a comfortable fit.

The hat was purchased at a craft store and I printed and cut the logo out on printable vinyl and attached it to the hat with fabric glue. I made matching NASA and American flag symbols by printing and cutting on the printable vinyl for the jacket, and just attached it with the duct tape. For the pants, I made fake zippers using printable vinyl to match the jacket which already had real zippers. The shirt has the Neil Armstrong image which I just printed on transfer paper that you can get at any craft store. Then I used my heat press to attach it to the shirt.

I used my Silhouette machine to cut everything which I made, making this costume a lot easier. The Machine gave the logos nice clean cuts and when I attached it to the costume, it blended in. Therefore, it didn’t look like stickers that were just stuck onto the costume. My son was so excited to wear it to school. Everyone loved it! My son was receiving comments from other moms passing by before he even got into the school. My son’s teacher took him around to the other classes in the school to show the kids and really made him feel special for the day.

My son was so happy when he came home. He told me what everyone thought about his costume. A lot of work; but very well worth it!