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Coolest Homemade Astronaut Costumes

My four friends and I were astronauts this year… not sexy, slutty astronauts, but AWESOME astronauts. We made our own Homemade Astronaut Costumes.

We made our helmets out of trash can lids and purchased plumber coveralls online for our body suit. The costumes cost approximately $35 each and took about five hours for one of my friends and me to make all five of them! It was so worth it! We were famous all over the campus for the weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Astronaut Costumes”

  1. Where did you get that type of trash can lid from with the dark part on the lid. We need an astronaut costume for a school project. Having trouble finding the supplies

  2. great job Olivia. if you would email me a close up pix of your helmet with any tips i would so appreciate it. i need to make one in the next couple of weeks for an event. any help would be awesome. thanx.

  3. Love your costumes. I actually contemplated
    buying a trash can lid as you did, but how
    can you do this without purchasing the entire
    trash can? And what’s holding them on their
    heads? Assuming it’s the same lid I saw,
    what shows in your picture appears to just
    be the top of the lid turned sideways, right?
    Is it possible to explain more about how you
    made them and/or send more pictures? I
    couldn’t see your responses to others and
    they all seemed to have similar requests.

  4. Hi everybody!
    Here is more information on how we made the costumes

    The helmet is a trash can lid that was spray painted. We had to buy the entire trash can because home depot wouldn’t sell us just the lids. They were nice enough to cut a hole in the top of the trash can for us. We spray painted the outer part of the trash can white and the part that swings back and forth black. We also glued black mesh behind the opening. There is a piece of elastic attached to the helmet in the back to keep it on.

    For the plumbers coveralls, we bought them for only a few dollars online and then printed out the NASA logo from online. We purchased Velcro and silver ribbon to make cuffs and a belt. We also bought a long tube that we wrapped around ourselves to drink through.

    Hope that helps!


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