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Coolest Aquarium Halloween Costume 4

by Belinda

Chase as Nemo

Chase as Nemo

I made this aquarium costume for my 3 year old son using a box for the base, 2 yards of material (could use a cheap table cloth), a swimming cap, craft foam, fake eye lashes, aquarium gravel, thin strips of wood, and fish tank decor.

I started by cutting the bottom out of the box and hole in the top for his head. Cover the box with material (table cloth) and cut the hole in the fabric for his head. I painted the strips of wood black, and glued them to the box to form the tank. Next I used hot glue to cover the top of the box with aquarium rock. I also glued some sea shells and other aquarium decor to create the inside of the tank around the head hole.

My son wanted to be Nemo, so I found an orange swimming cap and orange craft foam at our Dollar Tree. I cut fins and a tail out of the craft foam and sewed it to the swimming cap. I them used blue paint to create the marking of a clown fish or "Nemo" fish. (to add detail you could paint the child's face orange and add fake eyelashes. Ask them to make a "fishie face"- my 3 year old wouldn't cooperate for that much detail haha)

To assemble the costume for wear simply set the costume down over the child's head and put the swim cap on their head.

I didn't get a good picture of my son in the costume, therefore my friends little boy put it on for the picture you see.

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Coolest Fish Aquarium Costume 3

by Stephanie M.
(Wichita KS)

Homemade Fish Aquarium Costume

Homemade Fish Aquarium Costume

I made this costume using 2 boxes, one to fit my upper body and the other for my head. I adhered a black table cloth to both boxes in black, cutting the table cloth to shape the box. I cut out 3 sides on the top of the box using a box knife, I then adhered black electrical tape to the front of the box and sides to give it that Fish Tank look. I glued small white rock to the bottom of the tank itself, purchased at goodwill for .25 cents.

I purchased 7 "cat toys" (the fish that are dangling) that were sewn to the top of the box with fishing wire. I bought 2 rubber balls that have the look of an anemone. I then glued a Finding Nemo and Dori to the top of the white rocks which I purchased at the Dollar Tree.

There is also a $1 light at the top of the tank to give it that glowing effect. The blue tint is tissue paper that I bought at the Dollar Tree as well... I used a snorkel mask and held a fish net.

Total cost for this costume was about $16.00

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Coolest Fish Tank Costume 5

by Laura D.
(Seattle, Wa)

Homemade Fish Tank Costume

Homemade Fish Tank Costume

One fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish. I have wanted to be an aquarium for quite some time not and I finally made one!

-Big Box
-Blue transparent material (cellophane)
- Paper fish
-Fishing line

First, I had to find an appropriate box. I looked all around and finally my local appliance store gave me a dishwasher box. I cut most of the sides out, leaving only a small border. I covered the border with silver duct tape. Next, I bought an long roll of blue cellophane. I cut squares slightly bigger than the holes in the box and taped them into the inside behind the edges. For the fish, I printed some off my computer and picked some more up at my local craft store. The plant is actually from an old fish tank.

Finally, I got together all the swim accessories I could find and jazzed up the costume.

Caution: Walking with flippers can be dangerous. Just wear them for the picture. I learned this the hard way.

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coolest fish tank costume question
by: Anonymous

How did you attach the fish to the cellophane? tape or glue? If glue, what type did you use?


fish tank
by: Anonymous

Where did you buy the cellophane roll at?

by: Niccole

I like this one a lot! Very cool. And when you want to get outta the box you can just be a scuba diver.

by: Anonymous

How do you hold treats or other things with that on?Your arms are in the box.

by: Adrianna

i am making the costume right now and i don`t know where the cellophane is but i think we have one and im just printing out fish on my color and good printer for the costume!

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