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Coolest Scary Catfish Costume

I was inspired by the videos of the Coolest Homemade Killer Fish Halloween Costume Idea 11 submitted by Brian T. (Joliet, IL, USA). I decided to make my own Scary Catfish Costume.

First I took an old Darth Vader helmet and covered it inside and out with Duct tape. To form the Jaws of the fish I used white computer paper, taped them in place and covered them as well. I bought some shelf liner and glued it in place with spray adhesive. The fish lips and teeth are white felt. Putting it together got messy; so I did it out on the back porch. This is where 100 degree heat came to my aid. The adhesive set up quickly. The dorsal fin is the same liner material, and wooden dowels arranged in a fan pattern, the glued to the back of the head while it was still tacky.

I painted it with diluted black and green craft paint. Then when it dried, I added the details and glued on “whiskers” to make it a cat fish. The fins and the tail are green fabric mesh. The fishes body was a gray sweat suit with the tail and fins sewed on.

Coolest Scary Catfish Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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