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Coolest Homemade Fisherman and Fish Costumes

These Homemade Fisherman and Fish Costumes were made by my mom. Blake is a fisherman and she used cardboard and posterboard to make the boat. Each board is cut out separately and she used silver paper to punch out nail heads. On the back to the boat is the name “Double Trouble” in red.

To hold the boat up it has suspenders attached to it that go under his flannel shirt. An old pair of jeans and pantyhose were used to make the legs and feet to look like he was sitting in the boat. We bought a fisherman hat and attached lures to it and the vest. For his trick or treat bucket we used a silver pail with the word “bait” painted on it. All that was left was to complete the look with a five o’clock shadow.

Braedon is the fish and she spray painted the fabric to make it look more fishy! It is lined with black fabric and batting to hold the shape. Elastic is used to hold the fins to his hands. He wore black sweats under it to keep his legs from showing. His trick or treat pail was a silver bucket that said “chum”.

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  1. I absitively love the costumes. You paid attention to every detail and I’m so jealous! I wish I could learn how to make a ship costume for next year’s Pirate theme party.


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