I got the idea for these couple costumes because I ran across the fishscale print maxi skirt on Amazon. I bought it, foam sea shells, an octopus necklace, starfish hairclip, starfish earrings, a starfish ring, the net, crab, and seaweed boa all off Amazon. I tapered in the skirt a bit at the knees to give it a more fishtail shape. I glued gems and sequins on the seashell foams and then sewed them and necklace pieces onto a nude strapless bra. I also wore seashell necklaces that I already had, and a pearl bracelet.

For the mermaid makeup I used eyeshadow on my brows, eyes, lips, and face for shimmer. I also glued a few clear sequins on the side of my face to represent scales.

The fisherman was all stuff we already had around the house – a yellow rain coat, a white beard(from a previous year), a winter hat, fishing pole.

For the dog’s costume I cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a shark fin. I used duct tape for the shark color and to attach it to a harness. I used one of my grey shirts for the body.

I really enjoyed making these couple costumes and being a mermaid, but the net was a pain to deal with. I used it so I wouldn’t feel so naked, but I would forgo that if I dressed as a mermaid again.