I made my 2 year old daughter Vivian a goldfish costume this year inspired by her little puckered lips that look so fishy when she gives me kisses and her unique hue or red hair. The costume was a blast to make, very easy and super affordable costing under $10.

I made the mask the same way you would make a homemade pinata, I blew up a balloon to the size of her head and then dipping torn newspaper strips into a water and flour mixture I placed them across the balloon into the shape of the mask, then in two days when it was totally dry I painted it and used silver glitter for scales and made a coral colored bow to place on the side of the mask to give it a famine effect.

I then blew up a tinier balloon, and feeling a little lazy, lol, I decided to not paper mache the lips but instead use wire to shape the lips into a pucker and then pull the wire back towards the balloon knot and twist to secure it, then poked a hole into the mask and fed the wire through it fastening it in place by gluing a piece of felt fabric onto the inside of the mask for my daughter’s comfort, but it did also double as a way to secure the lips. I then painted the lips to match the mask.

I used silver aluminum cupcake liners to make the tummy scales by flattening them then painting the white inside of half of the scales with orange then alternating orange and silver (front and back) as I sewed them onto an orange shirt I made her. I also made the skirt which is tightened in the back with a huge coral colored bow to match the mask bow, and again got a little lazy, lol, and instead of sewing legitimate fins I just took long strips of tulle and tied them loosely to her upper arm right above the elbows and two on either side of her back and one on her head flowing down her back, she encouraged me to not get to fancy at this point by being so excited wearing the fins that I originally was just measuring before I really made them that I kept them as they were, I could see them through her eyes and she already saw them as fish fins and was so excited which made her vision contagious.

She won a little contest in Anaheim CA for her costume and loves wearing it. Everyone comments about the cute little goldfish and I couldn’t be more proud how fun easy and cheap it was to make and how much fun she has and how cute she looks wearing it!