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Easy and Comfy Costume for Babies: Cabbage Patch Twins

We have been blessed with healthy, chubby twin girls. Therefore, it seemed like a natural choice to dress them as Cabbage Patch Dolls for Halloween as they bear such a likeness to the famous toy.

  • Easy and Comfy Costume for Babies: Cabbage Patch Twins

For these cute Cabbage Patch Twins costumes, you'll need:

My talented mother crocheted the wigs to which I added ribbon bows and I stitched Cabbage Patch Kids emblems to outfits that we already had in their closet to complete the look.

We attended a local Trek or Trot fun run last weekend and I knew that we had a special costume with all of the positive feedback we received from friends and strangers, alike!  A woman told me that one of the babies looked just like Fanny Mae, the Cabbage Patch doll that she had as a little girl!

How to Make a Cabbage Patch Logo

If you can't find ready-made sew on logos, you can get theseĀ Cabbage Patch Iron On Logos on eBay.

To create sew-on emblems, first cut out an ellipse shape on paper in a size big enough to accommodate the iron-on logo.

Pin the pattern on stiffer fabric like white denim or muslin and cut out.

Iron the cabbage patch logo onto the fabric shape you just cut out.

If you have a serging machine or or sewing machine that can do an edge stitch, stitch around the outside of the emblem with white thread to create a tidy, professional edge.

Pin the emblem on the shirt where you'd like it to be and then sew it on by hand or machine.

Alternatively, you can iron double-sided fusible web on the back of your emblem, trim and then place the emblem where you want it and iron it on your shirt.

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