Yummy Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume for an Adult

I’ve seen plenty of kids costumes for Spaghetti and Meatballs, but not many for adults, so I accepted the challenge! For the record I’m not a fan of sewing, I prefer hot glue.

BASE: I scoured thrift and resale stores for a red-and-white-checkered dress or tablecloth  (Goodwill, Salvation Army). Although any red or Italian looking material will do! I got lucky and found a dress, but a tablecloth would work just fine if you cut neck and arm holes. Think poncho-style. You can find a gingham red-and-white-checkered tablecloth pretty much anywhere… Dollar store!

MEATBALLS: I bought several popcorn balls (Dollar Store), sawed them in half with a sharp knife, and spray painted them brown. To cover them in sauce and spices, I dabbed red crafters paint (.49 a bottle on sale at JoAnn’s) on each popcorn half and sprinkled with real Oregano and Parlsey while the paint was still wet. CAUTION: If you’re going to a party with dogs, OMIT THIS STEP. My coworkers dogs followed my meatballs around the party.

NOODLES: Thick rope-like white yarn from Michaels. Twist it into noodle-y shapes on the dress or tablecloth and hot glue portions of it down. Keeping some portions loose will make it look more 3 dimensional. Hot glue your meatballs on top of the hot glued noodles or anywhere you feel like having a meatball. I had some on my back, but not near the butt because I like to sit down. Another consideration is to make sure your meatballs are purse and seatbelt strap friendly. I had a small issue when driving to my party. After all this was glued down, I used the same red crafters paint from the meatballs and dribbled it around the noodles to look like splashes of red sauce.

To jazz up my hair a bit, I hot glued a meatball and some noodles to a plain black headband (probably from Target). I also hot glued noodles and a meatball into a Serving Spoon ($1 from GoodWill) to use as a prop.

BE CAREFUL when using hot glue because well, it’s HOT and it burns! Don’t learn the hard way like I did.